A Message from Pastor Gary – May

 The Season of Bloom

The hymn writer John Macleod Campbell writes, “Now the green blade rises from the buried grain, wheat that in dark earth many days has lain.” We are well into the season of spring or the season of bloom as I am calling it. The barren ground now displays grass and flowers. Empty branches now display leaves. In the part of the world in which we live, the season of bloom is sure. Just as the sun rises every day, spring comes every year. Likewise, our bodies are revitalized in the spring. We exercise, we eat healthier, and we are somehow in tune with the season of bloom.

Maybe not. Sometimes not. Our lives are more complicated than that of the plant life around us. Maybe we are out of tune for various reasons, health, tragedy, or loss can render us out of tune. Still there is an assurance on which we can rely.

Jesus has risen from the dead, just like the green blade has risen. Whatever our present circumstance is, nothing can keep us down. Maybe our spring will be a little late this year, but we will rise again. Every cross has a resurrection for those whom He loves. The power of His Spirit is with us even as He ascends to the Father, and so our spirits are also revitalized. “Christ is alive, let Christians sing; the cross stands empty to the sky.” (Brian A. Wren, 1936).

Pastor Gary