The Pavilion at Peace is situated on 8 acres of scenic church property with expansive lawns and views of the surrounding countryside.

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    Wi-fi available upon request.


    Kitchen sink, cabinet & counter space, refrigerator, 2 microwaves, electrical outlets


    Two handicapped-accessible restrooms.


    All areas are lighted.


    100 Amp single phase electrical services with multiple outlets in the kitchen, and outlets at every column in the open area


    Maximum of 139 parking spots available.


    We invite you to hold your next outdoor event gathering at the newly constructed Peace Pavilion at 100 Old Bethlehem Road in Perkasie, PA.

    This pavilion rental is perfect for your:

    • Anniversary
    • Art Show
    • Athletic Event
    • Baby shower
    • Banquet
    • Baptism
    • Birthday party
    • Bridal shower
    • Christening
    • Company Picnic
    • Family Reunion
    • Fundraising Event
    • Graduation
    • Memorials
    • Musical Presentation
    • Networking Event
    • Retirement Party
    • Wedding Ceremony
    • Wedding Reception


    • Alcohol use in the pavilion or grounds is prohibited
    • All events are subject to Peace Lutheran Church approval
    • There is no range, cook-top, or fryers. Open flame devices are not permitted in the kitchen or pavilion. Grills can be used in the adjacent parking areas
    • Parking lot and lawn areas can be made available with conditions
    • The pavilion does not have sides or protection from wind-driven weather

    Pavilion Rental Fees

    • Full-day pavilion rental: $700.00
      • Weddings and large group surcharge: $200.00
        • Bride’s room in fellowship hall included: $0.00
    • Fellowship hall only rental (70 people): $350.00
    • Outdoor grill: $50.00


    • Same-day equipment setup is included: $0.00
    • Equipment take down and final cleaning: $0.00
    • Refundable security deposit: $250.00
    • 10 tables and 80 chairs in pavilion included: $0.00
      • Additional table and 8 chairs: $15.00
    • Additional Peace labor if required: $45/hour


    • Administrative or sexton labor as listed is included: $0.00
    • Orientation meeting: $0.00

    Facility Specifications


    • Overall Size: 40′ x 80′ – covered steel structure with concrete floors
    • Open Area: 40′ x 60′
      • Table Capacity: Thirty (30) 8-foot tables
      • Seating Capacity
        • 240 people forward facing
        • 480 people if seated both ways
      • Standing Occupancy
        • Limited to 550 people
    • Enclosed Area: 20′ x 40′
      • 10′ x 16′ Kitchen
        • Kitchen has a sink, counter space, refrigerator, and two microwaves
        • Kitchen pass through to the serving alcove
      • Two (2) 9’x11′ handicapped-accessible restrooms
      • 10′ x 16′ serving/presentation alcove at the front center with
      • Owner Storage


    • 100 Amp single phase electrical service is available with multiple outlets in the pantry and outlets at every column.
      • All areas are lighted.
      • The electrical panel is in the storage area and access will be provided.


    • Maximum of 139 parking spaces are available

    Furnishings and Accessories

    • The renter brings all furnishings, appliances, and serving products unless otherwise noted
    • Tables and chairs are available for rental
    • Other accessories may be available on request
    • WiFi is available upon request


    The Pavilion at Peace is situated in the rural Tohickon Valley in Bucks County just off Route 313.

    • Quakertown ~ 6 miles
    • Sellersville ~4.9 miles
    • Perkasie ~3.5 miles
    • Dublin ~3.5 miles

    Nearby Attractions

    • Nockmixon State Park: Hiking, Camping, Fishing
    • Peace Valley Park: Nature Center
    • Sellersville Theater

    Food Vendors or Caterers

    • Bolton’s Farm Market
    • Pasqualina’s Italian Market & Deli
    • Nock’s Cafe

    Grocery Stores (Need last-minute supplies?)

    • Weis
    • Giant
    • CVS

    Pavilion Rental Agreement

    With this application, you will find a fee schedule, pavilion rental agreement, waiver, and complete rules and procedures

    Application questions and completed applications can be directed to the church office at or 215-257-3294.

    Pavilion Rental Rules, Regulations, and Terms

    • The pavilion is 40ft x 80ft with a 40 x 60 open area. The remaining 20 x 40 contains two 9 x 11 handicapped-accessible toilet rooms, a 10 x 16 pantry/kitchen, owner storage, and a 10 x 16 serving/presentation alcove at the front center.
    • A 100 Amp single phase electrical service is available with multiple outlets in the pantry and outlets at every column. All areas are lighted. The electrical panel is in the storage area and access will be provided.
    • The pantry/kitchen has a sink, counter space, refrigerator, and two microwaves available to users
    • There is no range, cooktop, or fryers. Open flame devices are not permitted in the pantry/kitchen or pavilion
    • The pantry/kitchen has multiple 20-amp electrical outlets for free-standing electrical devices.
    • There is a storage loft that is not accessible to nonmember users
    • Seated occupancy at thirty 8-foot tables is 240 facing forward and 480 if seated on both sides. Standing occupancy is limited to 550 persons
    • The user brings all furnishings, appliances, serving products, and video/sound accessories needed unless specifically noted in the agreement
    • The owner’s stored items are not available unless authorized and contracted for in your agreement.
    • Tables and chairs are available for rental.
    • Other accessories may be available on request
    • WiFi is available on request
    • There are a maximum of 139 parking spaces available if no other events are running.
    • There is no other parking available on neighboring properties, on the street, or on lawn areas.
    • The parking lot can be made available for event activities as long as adequate parking is maintained and it does not impact owner activities in the main building.
    • Parking signage, cones, and control, if required, is provided by the user.
    • Lawn areas around the pavilion may be used for appropriate activities, (not parking) but should lawn restoration be required, the cost will be deducted from your security deposit.
    • Applicants must complete an application form. A cover letter will be helpful in approving large events.
    • A fee schedule is provided with the application
    • Applications can be mailed, emailed, or hand-delivered. Call if hand delivering 215 257 3294
    • Applicants will be contacted after their application has been reviewed.
    • If the application is approved, you will be provided with a renter’s agreement with d fees and conditions
    • When the renter’s agreement and applicable fees are returned, the event will be entered on the schedule
    • No dates will be held, or events scheduled, prior to receipt of all applicable fees.
    • Fees are refundable, less $100 dollars, up to 30 days from the event.
    • Within 30 days of the event, only the security deposit is refundable
    • Event security, less expenses, will be returned within 15 days of the event.
    • Some events will require Peace Tohickon Lutheran Church to be listed as additional insured on the renter’s policy.
    • Users will conduct activities in a manner consistent with Peace’s mission, community standards, and respectful of our residential neighbors.
    • Operation hours are limited to 8 AM to 10 PM
    • Amplification devices for voice or music will be kept to a reasonable level.
    • The Pavilion committee has the right to terminate any agreement/event in violation of the user agreement.
    • Peace will not provide any equipment or personnel unless specifically identified in the user agreement.
    • There is no weather clause and no refunds. If an event is impossible due to an extreme weather event, we will work with the client to secure another date without additional fees.
    • Alcohol use is prohibited in Peace buildings and grounds.
    • Smoking/vaping inside the pavilion is prohibited.
    • Insurance certificate with limits of no less than $1,000,000 will name Peace as additional insured.
    • A waiver form will be provided for selected uses and must be signed when applicable
    • Users are expected to clean all spaces, remove trash and return all keys and rented equipment at the event’s end.
    • Dumpsters and portable toilets provided by the user may be required for larger events.
    • A pre-agreement conference will be held if requested by the user or the pavilion committee.
    • The pavilion committee reserves the right to reject any application without cause.
    • The sale of food, beverages, merchandise, or admission fees requires advanced approval.
    • If approved, temporary/mobile signs may be placed within a week of the event and must be removed immediately following the event.
    • Religious activities organized by Peace members
    • Social gatherings for regular members and their guests
    • Activities promoted by outside groups that meet regularly in our facility
    • Community events sponsored by members and outside groups promoting goodwill and fellowship, including but not limited to:
      • Worship services
      • Athletic events
      • Musical presentations
      • Community picnic/service events
      • Private social events (weddings) by outside persons or groups will be considered individually and subject to pavilion committee approval on a case-by-case basis
    • Impromptu use by members and regular patrons if not in conflict with scheduled events

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