Peace Lutheran Church - God's Work, Our Hands, Backpacks for homeless

Spreading Love and Warmth: Backpacks for the Homeless

Peace Tohickon Lutheran Church embarked on a compassionate mission through the “God’s Work, Our Hands” program by the Lutheran Synod. Their chosen project involved assembling backpacks filled with essential items for the homeless in Philadelphia. Throughout October, the church members came together to donate backpacks, T-shirts, tube socks, and small but vital items like chapsticks, wipes, tissue packs, hand sanitizers, and snacks.

In a heartwarming assembly event during Sunday School, the congregation united to fill 68 backpacks with care and thoughtfulness. Not stopping there, the church bundled the remaining socks and small items into 35 sock rolls, ensuring no donation went to waste. These items are destined to bring comfort and hope to those experiencing homelessness.

With a total of 68 backpacks and 35 sock rolls, comprising 103 items in all, the church’s commitment to helping the less fortunate shines brightly. Two dedicated members will personally deliver these essential items to the Welcome Church in Philadelphia, an organization known for its unwavering support for the homeless community. The images, shared by members Kristina and Melissa, offer a glimpse of the love and compassion poured into each backpack and sock roll, reminding us that even small acts of kindness can create significant positive change in the world.