All people are valued and welcome – all ages, genders, orientations, races, marital statuses, and political persuasions.

Our ministry is relevant, not only to the people in our pews, but to the communities in which we live and work.

Exercising tolerance for those who differ from us is one of the ways that we grow in understanding and expressing God’s love.


We are grounded in Grace, the free gift of love that God gives despite our shortcomings, and we are committed to showing this good news by developing “Christ-likeness” in our lives.

We welcome the outcast and stranger with love, and we work to bring justice and restore peace to the world around us.

We go out into the world holding fast to our faith, with open hearts, hands and minds.


We gather to praise, worship, glorify and thank the Lord our God, and share the good news of grace everywhere.

We challenge ourselves to look beyond our comfortable biblical interpretations, and exercise tolerance for those with different views.

Our actions reflect our belief that God should be first in the daily devotion of our lives: time, energy and resources.


We have an active ministry to serve the needs of others in the church, our local community, and the world. We visit the elderly and infirm, feed the hungry locally and globally, and give our time, blood, sweat, and financial gifts so that others will experience God’s love.

We grow our faith in community. In worshiping, learning, and serving together, we learn how to be disciples of Jesus Christ from God’s Word and one another. We share the Word with all who come, and invite those who believe that Christ is truly present to share the sacraments with us. We open our building for groups who provide care and support to the wider community.

People who gather here have come from many different faith backgrounds, no faith background at all, or have been Lutheran all their life. The people who gather here maintain a full spectrum of political views. The people in our pews represent all ages and orientations. We truly care for each other. We bring what we are, and listen with open hearts to God and each other.

We provide quality worship experiences in a variety of styles and formats.

We offer opportunities for individuals to engage head, heart and hands in service, learning, and spiritual development so that we can help one another respond to God’s love by reflecting more Christ-like attributes in our lives.

Faith is not a set of beliefs – it is a way of living.

We are a community of imperfect people supporting one another as we learn to follow an example of perfect love.