A Message From the Pastor - February

A Message from the Pastor – February

For Everything, There is a Season

Time is relentless. I can hardly believe that it is February already, although the stores are displaying pink, white, and red for Valentine’s Day. February is also the month when Lent begins. Ash Wednesday is the twenty-second. The season of Epiphany is a time that we come to know who Jesus really is in our lives. Lent can be described as a time when we consider who we really are.

Lent is the season of repentance. We think about our priorities, our shortcomings, and our general self-centeredness. Here’s the interesting thing about repentance though, if we could change the way we are on our own, we would have done so by now. We pray for the ability and the willingness to be more like Jesus, to be more selfless than selfish.

God never asks anything of us without also giving us what we need to achieve it. Time is relentless, but it is also a blessing. Time and time again we are presented with the opportunity to grow in our relationship with Christ. Lent is a great time to seize the opportunity once again.

— Pastor Gary