A Message from Pastor Gary – November

Stewardship Basics

How do we take care of what we have? How do we allocate our time, talent, and resources in a way that honors the gifts we have been given; and how do we do so in the most useful way?

These are a couple of questions that stewardship answers. This can be beneficial to think about in our homes, our lives, and in the church. Stewardship helps us focus on what we need to prioritize. It can be easy to get out of balance and dedicate more time, talent, and resources to endeavors that are less important, and sacrifice time, talent, and resources to endeavors that are more important.

Quite plainly, stewardship has at times been defined as taking care of the house, taking care of our home. We all have our worldly responsibilities, but for believers, the church is home. We know that the church is not of the world, but it is in the world. Being in the world, it has many of the same bills and responsibilities that other organizations have. In addition, it also has some responsibilities unique to its own nature.

The people at Peace-Tohickon work tirelessly and give generously to support the ministry. God is pleased and proud of what you do. To that end, a stewardship campaign is a time to reflect. It is a time to consider the depth of our commitment to our church, and to encourage one another to keep doing our best.

Generosity is a branch of worship and as a wonderful preacher and teacher on the west coast has said, “generosity is the currency of heaven.” Keep up the good work. “Keep fighting the good fight of the faith.” (1Tim. 6:12) “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.” (Col. 3:16a)

Pastor Gary