A Message From the Pastor - March

A Message from Pastor Gary – March

Growing Up

One of the interesting things about human beings is that we are always trying to solve problems. A child before she learns to speak has the problem of communication. Once the child learns to speak she thinks she has solved the problem of life. She thinks that because she can tell you what she wants she should get it, but now there exists a new problem. Even though she can tell you, there may be another reason why she can’t have what she wants.

Later, when she is an adolescent, she may be aware that adults seem to know something about life that she doesn’t, something that she can’t figure out, but something. What is it that adults know?

Could it be that no matter how much you love, work, laugh, cry, and be responsible; you still don’t know what may happen next or how it will all work out? Adults live in the tension of functionality and humility. We accept it and learn to be reasonably content in it. We solve problems all the time, yet we know that there will be another and another and another. Problem-solving is as futile as it is necessary. We have shed the youthful skin that still holds open the hope of fixing all the problems of life once and for all. We have learned to be happy in the struggle. That’s the secret. That’s what our children don’t know, but one day they will.

Christians are not immune to the cycle of life that is common to all. We do have an advantage though, a loving God who will never leave us or forsake us. Maybe the best thing that we can teach our children as they grow into maturity is to take advantage of their advantage.

— Pastor Gary